Tuesday, June 24, 2008

For the Want of Enlightment!

Did you ever wonder why are we always stuck in the reverse gear? Did you ever wonder why we always reply a 'it sucks' when people ask us 'how's life'? Did you ever wonder why we have no answers to the million of questions that bombard into us every single day? Did you ever wonder why we keep asking the afore mentioned questions over and over again, very well knowing that we have no freakin' answer to anything until Of Course, Now?

Well, I tried to get a few answers and very soon found myself sitting next to the BABA near the Hi-tech city cross-roads signal on the foot path. This Baba was no ordinary human being, in fact this baba was dressed up in brown; saffron, according to him, was now clich├ęd - a fashion disaster. Although on closer observation, I figured out that the brown was him by birth; yes he was nude! But that didn’t stop me from sitting next to him. I had no worries of a Gay Assault as I had already experienced quite a few uncomfortable moments during my school days (All Boy's Schools really need to be Shut Down!).

This Baba reminded me off the Monk who sold his Ferrari and then cursed himself for the rest of his life for making that sale. Honestly, I think it is wrong on a Monk's part to sell a Ferrari. I mean, f you are a monk why should you sell the Ferrari; you might as well gift it to someone right? He doesn't need the money after all, and if he does, what kind of a shady Monk is he? Anyways, coming back to the Monk.. err.. Baba, a first look at him and you are sure to think 'holy 'shit', man!' But on closer conversation, you will realize that this mysterious Baba is no ordinary human being. He is divine, selfless and enlightened. At first, he refused to talk to me; he said I didn’t look wealthy enough to pay his fees!!! He only agreed to talk to me when I explained that I walked up and did not drive down to him, only because his shop didn't have a parking space. I had to pay up a 500 to get enlightened by his divine thoughts. Not a bad deal, since you get a 40% discount on your second visit!

He asked me to sit in the most courteous manner and I noticed a board very prominently displaying the words 'Customer is King (or) Queen (or) their Kids'. He folded his legs and took my hand in his hand and started observing it. After a few minutes he looked up at me and said "You won't find it, there is way too much hair down there", I was speechless and baffled - he read my eyes through my lines! Now please do not form any pre-conceived notions about my sexuality; as I mentioned earlier, the Baba was Nude and it is only human nature for the eyes to go to places that are beyond reach. Moreover, I wouldn't have explicitly mentioned it here rather. If you think I am still 'the other kind', then have a look at my wallpaper:

Ooops.. not that one, this one:

Coming back to the point, the Baba then asked me about my worries and I told him the above mentioned questions. He closed his eyes, looked up at the heavens, smiled and scratched a little! He then opened his eyes and looked at me with a very curious face. After taking a heavy breath he said that my problems are also the same as that off the worlds. He said that inculcating a good habit, adapting a good hobby and developing a good character will take me to the path of unconditional love and happiness. He then softly got up and ran to a car in the traffic where a few street beggars were asking for alms. He returned after 5 minutes with a smile on his face and a 10 buck note in his hand. He then asked me for another 500 Rupees in exchange of a gift, he promised, will take me to a place from where I will never return; a gift that will answer all my questions. He packed his belongings and started to leave when I stopped him to ask for my gift. "It’s in your bag" he replied calmly and turned to walk away into the sun set. I hesitatingly opened my back and true to his words, found a gift wrapped in the brightest of colours. I tore open the cover and guess what I found:

At least, the Baba was right about me never returning...

Understandably Courageous!

Well, here I am, at my office doing nothing - and I realize that the want of doing something, often, lands you in a territory that you never thought of exploring nor would have had explored if you had an otherwise to doing nothing.

Blogging was never me. I never understood what bloggers did nor did I ever believe that people read other people's blogs. This is quite an irony given that, I am a journalist myself. But then, I was made to believe this thanks to the constant nagging of Sarat and Shradha (my creative team), who keep insisting that people want to see photographs and no one reads long articles! So to get you interested I have a photograph to show.

Now honestly, this picture has nothing to do with my first 'so-called' blog. But then, I think I possess what the great goat lords (I am sure you read it Great Gay Lords the first time) possess too - Herd Mentality!

Anyways, coming back to where we were - aah! Blogging! It amazes me when I notice how the world of blogging has taken the world of living by storm. When I first started writing blogs, that is about 15 minutes back my time, and sometime back your time, I was in a bit of confusion as to what is to be written. My good friend, P'ervi'tosh Joshi, after introducing me to the blog world, zipped his lips when I asked him what to write about. After much persuasion, he unzipped his lips (although his hands were intially somewhere else), asked me to write what I felt like and in a flash, zipped across his lips again. Too much Zipping I say! Anyways, taking his heed, I feel and I write that Paritosh is a Jack Ass! Wow, that felt good, he really is a friend in need!

By now I am sure you must have realized that I have been trying to keep myself pre-occupied by writing shit! Worse still, it is quite interesting to know that you read my blog till this point which, also means that yes, people have the time to read blogs, which again, also proves the power of a Blog!

I therefore, as a new entrant in the field of blogging, pledge with my left hand on my heart that I will deliver quality pieces of writing on my blogs from now and for always. Although, doing something like the above for my first blog, I do think was Understandably Courageous! So much for the First Impression...